The Fighter

“The Fighter” is the fifth single from Keith Urban’s album, Ripcord. Urban told Billboard, “The song is about wanting to heal somebody, wanting to protect somebody. It’s really like a vow in so many ways.” Needless to say, his wife, Nicole Kidman, was the inspiration.

Even though this song wasn’t written with a D/s relationship in mind, (as far as we know), it exemplifies how a Dom feels about his sub. 

It’s one of our favorite songs, and we hope you enjoy.

Alpha & kat

I’ll Keep You Safe

He grabbed her long ponytail, gave it a yank
Get your butt back on the bike, he said
I’ll keep you steady, doofus, I’ll keep you safe

He tucked a squiggly curl back into place
Dance with me, you’ll do okay, he said
I’ll hold you tight, babe, I’ll keep you safe

He lifted the veil from her beaming face
I promise to love you forever, he said,
I’ll walk by your side, wife, I’ll keep you safe

He smoothed sweat-soaked hair from her flushed face,
Almost there, bear down and push, he said,
I’m right here, my queen, I’ll keep you safe

He grasped her hair in a fisted embrace
I’m going to blindfold and tie you, he said
Use and abuse you, sweet sub, but I’ll keep you safe

He brushed white hair from her tired, wrinkled face
I’ve got your hand, I won’t let go, he said
I’ll see you to the other side, my love, I’ll keep you safe


Photos via Pixabay

Expectations on the D/s journey

Missy at recently published an interesting and thought provoking post on expectations in a D/s relationship. While she feels expectations are “a great thing” that allow you “to set standards and to measure where you are in terms of meeting your targets,” she equally speaks of “experiencing the downs of D/s” as a result of unmet expectations. And she is correct in assuming that she is “not alone” in the confusion that periodically accompanies unmet expectations due to the complexities of life and the varying wants and needs of two individuals trying to fulfill each other’s expectations while achieving their own. And she was interested in hearing from others on this issue. Continue reading “Expectations on the D/s journey”

Being a Dom

Being a Dom isn’t about issuing orders, subjugating your partner, blindfolds, ropes, and spankings–though these things do have their place in the bedroom. And being a Dom isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a tremendous responsibility.

What makes a real Dom–not a kink-only Dom–one who can successfully guide a 24/7 D/s relationship? I imagine that every Dom and every sub has a pretty good idea of what they would put on a list of important Dominant attributes, and no two lists would be exactly the same.
With this in mind, below are the qualities that are a must in my eyes. What would be on your list?

(I use only masculine pronouns for brevity)

Is a leader–
Takes initiative, makes sure things get done, doesn’t expect or want His sub to be a mother who handles every aspect of their lives.
Is respectful–
Doesn’t belittle, degrade, or publicly humiliate His sub. Laughs with, not at.
Is worthy of respect–
Keeps His word. Proves that He can be trusted with His sub’s heart and wellbeing.
Can control His emotions–
Especially anger, which can harm His sub both emotionally and physically if allowed free rein.
Holds Himself accountable–
Doesn’t expect a higher standard of conduct from His sub than He sets for Himself.
Protects His sub from harm–
Be it from outside forces, Himself, or the sub.
Loves unconditionally–
And this needs no explanation.

My Alpha has “strong shoulders”, both physically, and more importantly, metaphorically; He bears a Dominant’s responsibilities well and without complaint, and does His best to provide what I need. I can only hope I do the same for Him.