Speak To Me

Speak to me in a whisper
Murmuring softly in my ear
Tell me you want me, tell me you need me
Tell me all the things I yearn to hear

Speak to me with your lips
Finding mine and drinking deep
Swear you want me, swear you need me
Swear that I’m yours to keep

Speak to me with your fingers
Trailing lightly across my skin
Make me want you, make me need you
Make me crave to hold you within

Speak to me with your hand
Stinging slaps upon my ass
Prove you want me, prove you need me
Prove that Daddy takes no sass

Speak to me with your tongue
Stroking hungrily between my legs
Force me to want you, force me to need you
Force me to plead and beg

Speak to me with your cock
Sliding inside the body you claimed
Compel me to want you, compel me to need you
Compel me to scream out your name

Speak to me with your cum
Shooting deep within my core
Mark me…I want you, mark me…I need you
Mark me and make me your whore

Speak to me with your heart
Pounding in rhythm with mine
Vow that you want me, vow that you need me
Vow that you will for all time

Speak to me with your soul
Using the language of emotion
Alpha, I want you, Alpha I need you
Alpha, you have my devotion

And you do, Daddy.❤️

Will You

I want to break loose
I want to be free
I want to run wild
Wolf, will you run with me?

I want to watch the moon rise
I want to walk the beach
I want to climb tall mountains
Wolf, will you climb with me?

I want to laugh at silly jokes
I want to talk till three
I want to read a book with someone
Wolf, will you read with me?

I want to be stalked and ravished
I want to be bent over knee
I want to be owned by my mate
Wolf, will you own me?

I want to be protected and safe
I want to be in a place I feel no need to flee
I want to be loved beyond reason
Wolf, will you forever love me?